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The non-profit Car Care Council recommends asking six simple questions to help identify the right auto repair shop to properly care for one of your most valuable assets, your car. Ask-six-simple-questions-to-select-the-right-auto-repair-shop: Does the business employ ASE-certified technicians? Credentials and affiliations are indicators of professionalism and the management’s commitment to training and education. Is the shop […]

As New Car Prices Rise, Maintaining Current Vehicle Makes Financial SenseWith the cost of a new vehicle on the rise, the non-profit Car Care Council reminds drivers that maintaining their current vehicle makes more economic sense than purchasing a new one. The average price of a new passenger vehicle is nearly $34,000, according to Kelley […]

We wish car batteries could talk and tell us when they’re going to die, but sadly they can’t. Your car battery is vital and allows your vehicle to start and function. It’s important to understand the conditions of your vehicle to know the conditions of your battery and the lifecycle on that battery. Leaving your […]

February 04, 2017 by Margie Car Radiator Service | Laguna Hills Does Your Car Need Radiator Repair? The radiator and the rest of the vehicle’s cooling system plays an important role in vehicle health. It regulates the temperature of the engine to prevent it from getting too hot and causing engine malfunction, fluid leaks and […]